Our Services

Bespoke Business Strategies

Our range of services encompass Real Estate, Property Management, Business Management, Private Placement, Consulting and Auditing & Accounting service.

Investing Banking

Allegoria Capital DIFC Ltd. (under formation) is a by product of multiple successful endeavors undertaken by Allegoria Capital Ltd. Ascertained by the founders that economies of scale will further enhance yield where its existing clients can take advantage of the management expertise and allow its funds to take advantage of multiple opportunities simultaneously

Real Estate

With over 20 years of real estate experience, Allegoria Capital started its real estate exposure with several acquisitions in the Canadian market that generated double digit annual returns since 1995. The founders of Allegoria Capital then ventured into the UAE and GCC real estate market that further proved to be successful in generating capital appreciation of the assets and annual yields in excess of 12% annually.

Business Management

Allegoria Capital prides itself in its strength in its business development and management acumen. Its founders have been involved in several small and medium enterprise transactions as investors and managers for over a decade and bring this expertise as independent advisors and operations managers.


Renowned for our expertise in the MENA region, Allegoria Capital provides consulting services for clients seeking to explore and launch various activities in the retail and corporate space. We offer comprehensive analytics from the financial evaluation stage to the business implementation, project execution, ongoing management and development phase.

Accounting & Auditing

Allegoria Capital provides independent financial statements, internal and external audits to our clients according to the required accounting standards. Our professionals leverage on technology and innovation to provide top quality audits.


The MENA classic automotive industry has been thriving over the last few years and we have witnessed a consistent growing interest by the end users. Initiated by a passion for the classic automotive industry we have chosen to tap this niche market serves as an opportunity to serve classic car enthusiasts in the selection, restoration and acquisition of this new art form.

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